We are Luna Blu!

Hey, thanks so much for taking a look at our site! We're a Chicago-based band that has been together for over 10 years now. Wow! Time flies!
What's our sound? This question makes us cringe - let's just say we're a little KT Tunstall / Sarah  McLaughlin / Annie Lennox / 10,000 Maniacs / Ani DiFranco -ish.

We've got melodies, harmonies, cool rhythms and a sound that's all our own. We're a little folky, a little rocky, a little indie and, at times, even a little jazzy. Give us a listen and let us know what you think we are - hopefully it starts with "fabulous!" and ends with "my new favorite!" 

Our self-titled EP was produced at Transient Sound Studio in Chicago under the skillful engineering of former Filter drummer Steven Gillis. Also lending their talents to the EP are Vijay Tellis-Nayak on keys and the incomparable Anne Harris on violin.

Luna Blu can been seen at city and suburban venues. Combining lush layers, melodic hooks and playful lyrics, Luna Blu's music has a multifaceted sound that has broad appeal.

Included in "Love notes: 8 songs for your Valentine's Day (and night)" on Louisville.com, Eve Lee wrote of "Clumsy Too"...

  " Luna Blu....Clumsy Too....."I'm the queen of my realm" Luna Blu frontwoman  sings.  So why does she fall to pieces around the object of her affection?  This is teen angst turned on its head   and  reinvented  for the Gen-X set.  Smart, upbeat and evocative all at the same time."

Full article at:  http://www.louisville.com/content/love-notes-8-songs-your-valentine%E2%80%99s-day-and-night



(all the cool kids are wearin' 'em!)

Luna Blu is SUPER excited to say that we placed 1st in the Chicago Regional Finals of the 2017 IMSTA Songwriting Competition for our song "Captain Oblivious"! 

There is also new music on the horizon for Luna Blu -a follow up to "Scratch Tracks & Rufff Cuts" is in the works at Three Dog Studio. Luna Blu is also going acoustic! Check us out at your favorite smaller venues - and if you'd like to inquire about Luna Blu performing very locally (in your own home!) please contact us with the subject line "House Concert".

We are SO flippin' proud to have our song "She" featured in this web series! You can hear it in the background on episode 8 - but you'll want to make sure to watch them all! You say there aren't any real life superhero/kick-a$$  role models for young girls/women these days? Well, think again and check it out!!!!


Episode 1 : Episode 2 : Episode 3 : Episode 4 : Episode 5 : Episode 6 : Episode 7 :
Episode 8 : Episode 9 : Episode 10

on Chicago Acoustic Underground!

Luna Blu is INCREDIBLY proud and humbled to be a part of this effort to help those who still suffer in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. So many of you already know that music can soothe your soul: well, now we can put that same music to work generating some much needed funds for our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico. 

Please give a listen, give generously, share widely and thank you so very much!

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